Boston Landmarks

Boston Landmarks are designated by the Boston Landmarks Commission through a petition process.  The guideline for designation include a requirement that the historical significance of the resource must reach a level beyond just the local.  Some information is provided, and more is available at the Boston Landmarks Commission.

Designated as Boston Landmarks

William Monroe Trotter House, 97 Sawyer Avenue

James Blake House, 735 Columbia Road

Dorchester North Burying Ground, corner of Columbia Road and Stoughton Streets

Dorchester Pottery Works, 101-105 Victory Road

George Milliken House, 44 Virginia Street

Fowler Clark Farm, 487 Norfolk Street, Mattapan

Roswell Gleason House, 101 Claybourne Street – suffered a fire after designation and demolished

Peabody Square Clock as part of designation of Five Street Clocks, at the intersection of Dorchester Avenue and Ashmont Street.

On the pending list

Ashmont Hill Architectural Conservation District

Jones Hill Architectural Conservation District

Port Norfolk Architectural Conservation District

Elisha Loring House, 21 Mill Street

Stoughton School, 36-40 River Street

Putnam Nail Factory, 12 Ericsson Street

Industrial School for Girls, 232 Centre Street

Calf Pasture Pumping Station, on University of Massachusetts Campus, Columbia Point

Anna Harris Smith House, 65 Pleasant Street

O’Brien’s Market, 1911-1913 Dorchester Avenue

1203-1205 Adams Street

Denied applications

Worthington House, 1048 Dorchester Avenue, demolished

884 Adams Street , demolished

68 Willow Court

Kehew-Wright House, 24 Grampian Way – vetoed by the City Council and demolished